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November 14th, 2002
This site has no guestbook. It was not made for the purpose of people's approval or disapproval. It
was simply made for my peace of mind, so the memories I have will not be forgotten in years to
come. But if you would like, you can contact us at:
Our Wedding Pics
Our thoughts, plans, and dealings with the INS along the way ...
Last updated: December 2009
Our Wedding Week In Destin, Florida
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Various Pics of Vinny (before Tony)
3 Years
2/28/09: I'm going to attempt to keep up with a 'blog' of sorts about what is happening in the boys lives. I'll throw in past funny
stories as I remember them. (12/2014 - yeah that didn't happen - but I'll attempt this again soon)
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TONY '14
Thank you for visiting .... Dawn, Marco, Vinny, & Tony
We now have videos of the boys online. Go
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